The naturally occurring plant aloe vera has amazing healing properties and can help with all sorts of ailments. Many people don’t realise that aloe vera can be used in a number of different ways, it can be taken as a supplement, drunk in the form of juice or applied to the skin.

In whichever form it is used, aloe vera has unique natural properties that work brilliantly to:

  • Nourish your digestive system
  • Increase your energy
  • Protect your skin from free radical damage
  • Encourage your skin’s natural regeneration

Aloe vera is also the only vegetarian source of vitamin B12, which is needed for healthy blood, digestion, cognition and cell division.

I am one of the 9.5 million worldwide Forever Living distributors and sell a large selection of products, including shower gel, supplements, shampoo, lip balm, moisturiser, toner, cleanser, fragrances and lots more. The aloe vera used in Forever Living products is organically grown and free from chemicals, and will enhance your feelings of health, energy and overall well-being.

Please call me if you would like to know more about the incredible benefits of Forever Living products or to sample them on 07752 098982.

Forever Living Full-time & Part-time Business Opportunity

Are you looking for a new opportunity? Do you want to be your own boss and work part-time around your other commitments? Do you want the potential to work full-time as your income grows? Do you want the flexibility of working at home?

If you answered ‘Yes’ to any of these, you may be interested in becoming a Forever Living distributor! I have found that it has given me a great income while allowing me the flexibility I need as a complementary health practitioner running my own business in Thornbury.

Arizona-based Rex Maughan set up Forever Living Products in 1978 with little more than a dream and a vision. Over 30 years – and lots of hard work – later, Rex has turned Forever Living into a hugely successful business selling a vast range of products based on aloe vera and beehive.

The company has become such a big success because it is based on the understanding that people buy from people. Rather than spend lots of money on advertising and marketing campaigns, Rex believed that if you know and trust the person you are buying from, that’s the best marketing your product can receive, what is called ‘Network Marketing’.

In return for representing and selling the Forever Living range, I receive a commission on sales as well as further incentives, training and support and there was no financial outlay when I started. I genuinely use the products myself and wouldn’t sell them if I didn’t think they were very good quality and effective, I have seen them bring about major changes in myself and other people and I happily recommend the products to friends and family.

If you’re interested becoming a Forever Living distributor please call me to find out more on 07752 098982.