Hypnotherapy & Neuro-linguistic Programming
Using Hypnotherapy and Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) I can help you to change your ‘inner wiring’ and address any problems you may be experiencing. Rather than leading the life that worked for you years ago – or perhaps has never worked for you – you will discover that you are in total control and can lead your life the way you want to and deserve to.

adpr-logoI am a Master Practitioner in hypnotherapy and have been practicing NLP for many years. Both techniques allow you to address any issues you may have in a safe environment and make changes that will last a lifetime.

Hypnotherapy is used to address all sorts of problems from weight control and giving up smoking to phobias, stress and depression. For a list of problems that I can help with please see below, if you are experiencing something that isn’t mentioned please feel free contact me to discuss how I can help. The main thing I find is that all my hypnotherapy clients want to change an aspect of their behaviour that is having a negative impact on their lives.

Using hypnotherapy techniques, I will take you to a mental state where it is possible to change your attitude to food, for example, at a deep level that you are probably not even aware of day-to-day. You are in control of what you do throughout the hypnosis session and clients say that it is a deeply relaxing state, it feels a bit like just before you fall asleep.

Hypnotherapy can help you to overcome all of these issues as well as improving many others:

  • Difficulty / help sleeping
  • Lack of libido
  • Short attention span
  • Stress
  • Headaches
  • Agoraphobia
  • Anxiety
  • Weight control, weight loss
  • Giving up / quit smoking
  • Gaining confidence
  • Public speaking
  • Chronic pain
  • Fears & phobias

Many clients come to me to help them with weight control. For this, I use a proven 4-session plan over a period of eight weeks. I will also recommend that you listen to hypnotherapy CDs at home during the programme to gain as much benefit as possible from our sessions.

Similarly, I advise clients who want to give up smoking to use CDs at home to maximise the benefit of the sessions. It normally takes just one two-hour session for someone to quit smoking for good, the transformation is amazing.

The number of hypnotherapy sessions you’ll need depends on what issue or fear you want to overcome, we can talk about that at your first session or feel free to contact me to discuss it. It may be the case that one session is enough or I might advise you to book a course of sessions to ensure that the work we do together has lasting effects.

For more information or to talk to me about changing an aspect of your life, please email me at or call 07752 098982.

Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)
Neuro-linguistic programming combines computer science and language and enables clients to change their own behaviour through a number of techniques. Our neural pathways, which are essentially our conscious thoughts, are reinforced when we think about something or repeat a habit. By first recognising this, then being empowered to change our neural pathways, and thus our thoughts, we can reinforce new behaviours, attitudes and actions.

NLP allows you to ‘access’ your thoughts and beliefs in a totally safe way and you can only make changes if you want to. One technique I will show you is that by using positive language you can create a better outcome. For example, if someone says, “Don’t forget”, chances are you’ll forget it because your brain hears the “forget” part! The brain can’t interpret a negative, the “don’t” in this case. By simply learning to use positive phrases, here it would be “Try to remember’”, as your brain focuses on the words you’ll remember. This easy change can successfully create different behaviours.

You will be able to use the techniques you learn during the session or sessions in your own life to continue along your new path. People with all sorts of issues have seen changes immediately by challenging their usual thought patterns and behaviours.

NLP can help you with:
Stress – Anxiety – Depression – Weight control – Giving up smoking – Depression – Fears & Phobias – Sleep – Confidence – Chronic pain

If you are facing an issue that isn’t mentioned above, please feel free to call me on and I’ll be able to tell you if I can help or whether another treatment may be more suitable.

Once we have arranged a session, I will ask you to visit me at my treatment room in Thornbury and discuss your problem in a non-judgmental, supportive and confidential environment. We will decide how many sessions you need and go from there.